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Rhinotuff Canvas

Neplar 8 Oz

Neplar 8 Oz

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Neplar 8 Oz is a light to medium weight waterproof canvas fabric. It is a high performance versatile polycotton material.

The canvas fabric it is treated with our superior impregnation treatment that locks in the waterproofing, water repellant, anti rot and mildew properties.

The fabric also has high UV resistant properties which helps facing continuous, direct sun.

The canvas has clean ultrasonic trimmed selvedges which are not wavy or curly. The fabric lays flat and is easy to sew.

Technical Specifications

Composition: Polyester-Cotton

Weight: 390 GSM

Width: 58" , 80"

Tensile Strength: Warp - 1600 / Weft - 1100

Tear Strength: Warp - 45 / Weft - 35

Water Column: 550 mm

Spray Rating: 90%

Light Fastness: 7+


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