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Custom Fabric Solutions

We collaborate with clients to craft bespoke fabrics solutions tailored to address project-specific needs.

With our expertise in fabric development and manufacturing, we can offer a complete solution when it comes performance, technical and outdoor textiles.

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  • Natrula®

    Natrula is our range of 100% Cotton base waterproof fabrics. The range consists of various constructions and weights.

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  • Neplar®

    Neplar is our most popular range of outdoor fabrics. Made with polyester-cotton base, the fabrics are high strength to low weight ratio.

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  • Zonra®

    Zonra is a collection of 100% polyester outdoor fabrics. The fabrics have excellent dimensional stability, UV resistance and high tensile and tear strength.

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  • Mil. Spec.

    Military Specification Canvas Fabric that comply to predefined technical parameters.

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