12 Oz

Limber® 12 Oz is a tightly woven waterproof canvas fabric made with polycotton multifold ring spun yarns. Polyester gives the strength and cotton gives the comfort and luxury being a natural element. A high quality defectless woven fabric is used. This is very important as the fabric generally faces the sun and when you see the sun through the fabric, you see a flawless clean canvas without any knots, slubs or weaving defects. The loomstate fabric is prepared and heat set before the proofing process. This gives dimensional stability to the fabric and controls shrinkage. Processed with a 3 layer antifungal treatment - first in the base fabric, then in the impregnation chemistry and finally again in the water repellency treatment. The treatment is non toxic and does not cause any discomfort or allergies.

Poly Cotton



Water Repellent

Water Proof

Anti Mildew

Color Fastness


Dimensionally Stabilized

UV Stabilized
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